New MissileCraft Minecraft Mod

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New MissileCraft 


This is a consequence to MissileCraft, which is an awesome mod on its own and still operates well with the newest edition of Minecraft Pocket Edition (as of the release of this post). The original MissileCraft Mod has more weaponry to choose from than this latest mod. But the new MissileCraft mod certainly delivers a better graphic experience.

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How to use:

  • To use the projectile you will want to have a Position Definer, a Missile Platform and a freaking Nuke. Here are the fashioning guidelines for these items.
  • Location Definer (500) – four iron ingots + one redstone
  • Start Control Panel (248) – one redstone + two birchwood planks
  • Missile foundation (501) – one iron block + one launch control panel
  • Missile Middle (186) – two dark oak wood planks + four sticks
  • Missile foundation (187) – two acacia wood planks + four sticks
  • Nuke (1002) – 2 nether brick fences + 1 missile middle + 1 missile base + 1 hopper

Begin by getting a missile platform on the ground by ultilizing the Missile Platform item. Make a click on the red thing whilst holding the Position Definer to explain the Launch Platform.

Ultilize the Position Definer to describe the area which you want to nuke. In this situation, I have made up my mind to target a close village that might look innocent, but it’s really a top-secret foundation of operation for the Creepers Evil Association.

New MissileCraft — this mod was founded on the old, familiar mod MissileCraft from the Creator of Andr3w246. The mod still operates on the newest edition of the game, we recommend you to use it, as there is a much larger choice of missiles.
But if you love a superior graphic performance, mod New MissileCraft what you need.

New MissileCraft offers the world Minecraft Pocket Edition more promising rocket launchers, which have a more modern and improved texture of some blocks, including the rocket.


Get back to the missile platform and click on the red thing on the platform with your hand to start the missile

The total village has been blown and optimistically those creepers have been educated an example not to screw with me again! Duke Nukem would have been proud of.

The download includes two dissimilar downloads founded on the scale of the explosion. Pick up the one depending on how large you want to bang to be. If you are having a less powerful device (I am talking about your phone) then use the small explosion download.

DownLoad :

The download process includes two different downloads. Pick the one relying on how big you want the explosion to be. If you are utilizing a less powerful device then use the small explosion download.

Download (Big Explosion)
Download (Small Explosion)

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